January 11, 2019

MY TRAVELS: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

This week Amy challenges us show memorable pictures taken during My Travels.  Last week’s photo challenge was Favorite Pictures in 2018 and since traveling was the highlight of our year many of My Travel images were featured then.  (See Travel Pictures of 2018 under Recent Posts on the right hand side.)   To accept Amy’s challenge this week I decided to show some favorite pictures from previous trips to Florida.

Disney World in Orlando is one of the more popular attractions in Florida.  Who doesn’t have a warm spot in their heart after seeing the Lady and The Tramp animated cartoon, or can resist smiling at some of Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog’s antics, in addition to admiring Snow White’s dwarf, Sleepy, and his beautiful long beard? 

Key West is another area we visited several times….  So many stories about this area and so much history, an intriguing place to spend some time.  Ernest Hemingway’s Home is there, President Truman’s Little White House, the monument below showing the southernmost tip of continental United States, legendary Duval Street, Jimmy Buffett’s original Margaritaville Cafe, Mallory Square along with roosters (or gypsy chickens) freely roaming the streets.  The old,deserted bridge with two trees growing in it is the 7 mile bridge connecting Key West to the Florida mainland.

Many waterways and lakes in Florida are filled with beautiful wildlife!

This Osprey nest is located on the west coast of Florida in Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve.  I really like the public message on the sign below:  “The recovery of earth is only accomplished by man & nature in mutual friendship.  LETS DO IT!”   FRIENDSHIP SENTRY”   

Roseate Spoonbill are prevalent in many parts of Florida and known for their brilliant color.  

 American White Pelicans along with Wood Storks, Egrets, Herons and Cormorants are often seen together.

Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a journey into the heart of the Everglades ecosystem. Numerous protected species of wildlife, plants and trees inhibit this area; a beautiful place to visit just as all the parks and sanctuaries in Florida are.  

Florida is a wonderful place to visit or live, such a large diversified state with the Atlantic Ocean on the east side and Gulf of Mexico on the west.   Over the years Our Travels took us along the Atlantic Ocean side to St. Augustine and Golf World, Orlando and Disney World, Singer Island and West Palm Beach and Key West.  We also spent a good bit of time in southwest Florida in the Bonita Springs and Naples area.  Hope you have enjoyed seeing these pictures and have also checked out other travel pictures from last week’s blog!


10 thoughts on “MY TRAVELS: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

  1. So glad you enjoyed these photos, Perpetua. It was fun walking through Disney World and seeing the numerous topiary’s of the Disney characters, just wish I had photographed more!

  2. Another delightful selection! Disney World has surely advancedin the 45 years since I was last there. Enjoyed them all, but particularly the technical strength of the last one of the flower.

  3. So many fun and beautiful places in Florida. We have visited Florida a few times, a great place to visit and live, I agree. Enjoy your travels and beautiful photos. Thank you, Sylvia for sharing. 🙂

  4. Great shots of your nature travel, Sylvia. Those characters made of plants are out of this world. Hmmm, only 90 km to Cuba? That is too close for comfort. Most enjoyable post.

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